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Nettuno is a small Italian town located on the Tyrrhenian coast near Anzio, in the Lazio region. The population of the Mediterranean resort does not exceed 50 thousand inhabitants, its area is almost 72 km2. The city was founded in the 9th century, getting its name in honor of the ancient Roman god Neptune.

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Nettuno has its own marina, Marina di Nettuno, near the large port of Anzio. 15 berths can accommodate up to one thousand boats. The Marina offers the possibility of yacht charter in Nettuno, and the city is also the starting point for trips to the Ponza Islands.

There is no airport in the town, the closest - L'aeroporto di Roma-Fiumicino is located in Rome, 55 km away. Taking into account changes, Nettuno can be reached in two hours by bus or train, you can also order a private transfer or rent a car.

There are many hotels in the resort, most often they are located along the coast, local residents rent apartments, you can also rent a villa. Among the more popular options are Astura Palace Hotel, Neptunas, Scacciapensieri and many others.

The beaches within the city are often crowded, if there is an opportunity to use a car or rent a yacht in Nettuno, it is worth going to Torre Astura or choosing a recreation area on the coast of the Ardeatina road. Free and private coastal areas are available for vacationers, while the resort is marked with the Blue Flag for cleanliness and safety.

Try the seafood and local fish dishes at IN MEZZO AL MARE (ia Giacomo Matteotti, 8) or Zero Miglia. The settlement has a large number of trattorias and pizzerias, as well as establishments offering cuisine from around the world.

The local port can accommodate up to 800 ships, you can also rent a yacht from Nettuno or rent diving equipment. There are currency exchange offices, shops, cafes not far from the berths. For tourists and locals, there is a yacht club with a developed infrastructure.

Astura Castle, built in the 12th century, is considered the symbol of Nettuno. The attraction is located 10 km from the city, near it you can see the remains of an ancient Roman villa, according to archaeologists, the building belonged to Cicero.

The town has preserved its historical center - Borgo Medievale quarter, surrounded by cylindrical towers of the XIV century; inside there are palaces and temples, as well as the Cesare Borgia fort. After visiting the views of Costaguti and Borghese, you can wander through the botanical gardens.

Thanks to one of the largest ports in the Tyrrhenian Sea, those who wish can take advantage of the yacht charter in Nettuno, do any kind of water sports or just buy fresh fish.