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Gallipoli is located in the Italian region of Apulia, province of Lecce. The city is washed by the Ionian Sea on the western coast of the Salentine Peninsula, so it is not difficult to rent a yacht in Gallipoli. The population of the commune is about 30 thousand people, the area of the occupied territory is 40 km2.

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According to mythology, the settlement was founded by the Greek Idomenius; the island became part of the Italian Republic already in 1860. The name "Gallipoli" literally translates from Greek as "beautiful city"

Within the city limits there is one municipal beach - Riviera Sauro, which has no infrastructure. Three kilometers from the municipality is Baia Verde, offering yacht charter in Gallipoli and other outdoor activities. Further, there is a whole beach area, the most famous place is Punta Suino.

There is no airport in the city, the nearest international airport is Aeroporto di Bari located 65 km away, another one - Salento Airport 152 km away. You can get to your destination by using public transport (train, bus) or by hiring a taxi, there is also the possibility of renting a car.

In the historic center are the Relais Corte Palmieri, Hotel Bianco, tourists recommend the three-star Bella vista Club at Corso Roma, 219. Before booking a room, it is best to read the reviews on the web.

The most popular local food is "scapece" - small fish breaded from fresh bread, which is pre-marinated in saffron-vinegar marinade and fried. Traditional Apulian wines are Troia, Negroamaro, Primitivo, etc. It is worth trying seafood in La Puritate, Il Pasticciottino is known for its pastries, and in the Ristorante L'Antico Frantoio trattoria, visitors will find not only delicious food, but also a panoramic view.

A port for private ships has been built on the territory of the municipality, offering the service of yacht charter in Gallipoli. The marinas are located in the city center - near the bottom of the main street, Corso Roma. The summer season lasts from May to October, at which time the weather is almost always sunny and very warm.

Of the sights, it is recommended to visit the oldest Greek fountain in Italy, built in the 3rd century BC. In the Cathedral of Saint Agatha (17th century), you can see an extensive collection of works by Italian artists. Shoppers should head to Via Roma and Viade Pace Antonietta, where the best boutiques are concentrated.

To get around the whole island, use a yacht charter in Gallipoli, this will allow you to see all the beauty of the Mediterranean coast and make your vacation independent of public transport and timetables.