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Terracina is an Italian resort located in Lazio, province of Latina. The city with a population of over 46,000 and an area of 136.59 km2 is washed by the Tyrrhenian Sea. Thanks to the spacious bay between the capes of Galeta and Circeo, you can rent a yacht in Terracina on the marina or moor your own boat. The climate in the region does not differ from other Mediterranean resorts, the high season lasts from May to October, in June and July there is practically no rainfall.

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There is no private airport in the city, the closest - Aeroporto di Roma-Ciampino is located 111 km away, another one - L'aeroporto di Roma-Fiumicino is located 115 km away. The road to your destination will take about two hours, you can rent a car or use public transport.

The port offering the service of yacht charter in Terracina is located between two zones - Levante and Ponente, from the marinas there are ships and ferries to Ponza.

Beaches in the province are marked with the "Blue Flag" of UNESCO, the length of the coastline is 15 km. The most popular holiday destinations are Stabilimento Balneare Piccolo Lido, Stabilimento Amerigo, Stabilimento Balneare A. S. Liberta.

The central cooperative of fishermen is located on Piazzale Lido, so it is there that it is recommended to try the local cuisine, the dishes are always prepared from the fresh catch. Among the most popular catering establishments, it is worth mentioning Ristorante Centosedici (Viale Circe 116), Bottega Sarra 1932 (Via San Francesco 52/54), Il Galeone

(Viale Circe 200), it is better to reserve a table in advance.

It is best to stay in hotels along the coast, for example, Grand Hotel L'Approdo, Albergo Mediterraneo, Hotel Villa Chiara.

There is no public transport in the town, so in order to travel smoothly the best way is to rent a car or rent a yacht in Terracina and get around the entire coast. For deep diving by ferry, you can visit the volcanic Pontine Islands, where the diving center is located.

On the territory of Lazio is the San Felice Circeo National Park, created to preserve the remains of the Pontine Marshes. Near Terracina, there is the UNESCO-listed Amalfi Coast resort; there are a large number of attractions in the protected zone.

The tranquil Tyrrhenian Sea is ideal for parasailing, water skiing or diving. Yacht charter in Terracina is usually carried out by private companies, their offices can be found on the beaches themselves or on the streets along the coast.